New York Based Freight Forwarder and Consolidation

New York Based Freight Forwarder and Consolidation Assistance:

Our business model consists of consolidating small shipments from individual customers, allowing each customer to benefit from the savings of importing a full container. Additionally, we will handle all the logistics, including classification, customs, and releasing.

We hope to reduce costs and streamline the importing process for anyone interested in buying goods from overseas.
Standard rates charged by weight or volume.
No other hidden charges.

Below 1 cubic meter: $2.5/kg or length cm * width cm * height cm / 5000 whichever is larger
(The minimum charge for a single ticket is $20.)

1-5 cubic meters: $270/cubic meter (regardless of the weight of the goods)

5-10 cubic meters: $250/cubic meter (regardless of the weight of the goods)

More than 10 cubic meters: $230/cubic meter (regardless of the weight of the goods)

Shipping times: From the day the container is filled, you will receive the goods within 45 days.

Loading location: Shenzhen City/Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Sensitive goods are not accepted: (flammable and explosive goods, powders, liquids, valuables, medicines, fresh goods, food, chemicals)
How it works:

1. Tell us some information about your cargo, (item description, weight, volume) and we will calculate the freight cost for you.

2. If you agree to the costs, we will let you know where the cargo will be loaded in China. Contact the manufacturer and let them know to send the cargo to our loading location.

3. After the goods have been delivered to our loading location, please let us know the number of pieces and tracking number for the goods. Our packing staff will double check the quantity and contents of the goods.

4. After the container is full and sent to the United States, we will notify you of the arrival time of the goods to New York.

5. After the goods arrive in New York, we will notify you to pick them up and pay for our services

For inquiries or questions please call: 917-698-1981