About us

What is Hisun?

Hisun Optoelectronics  is an LED solution provider operating within The United States, with manufacturing bases in China. 

Hisun LED is committed to providing affordable, long-lasting energy-efficient LED lights that are more competitive for distributors to sell, easier for electricians to install, and more energy efficient for end users. With over a decade of experience in the LED field, Hisun has built a solid reputation, in-terms of quality and brand recognition. Hisun is now one of the world's fastest-growing LED manufacturers in the nation with an extensive selection of LED lights. Hisun's catalog consists of over 800 different products, including PAR lights, recessed lights, spot lights, candle lights, tubes, panel lights, high-bays, flood lights, LED screens, and much more!

Our Story

In addition to our extensive product line, Hisun also strives for excellent customer satisfaction. Our staff strives to display professional manners and outstanding customer service, which makes us stand out from our competitors. We attribute our success to our dedicated team and our partnerships with many leading LED companies worldwide. Combining unparalleled resources, comprehensive capabilities across the LED industry, business expertise, and extensive research, has allowed us to maintain a strong competitive advantage over our competitors.



High Quality & Affordable Price

Hisun is also the founder of the American LED Association, which consists of 27 members across the world. The goal of the American LED Association is to fill a gap that exists in the current lighting industry. The aforementioned gap is one between name brand products and Chinese imported products. The goal of the American LED Association is to deliver the high quality of products associated with name brands, while maintaining the competitive pricing seen in Chinese imports.


Hisun currently has two North American branches, located at:


2045 Hempstead Turnpike,

East Meadow, NY 11554

1(516) 794-2960


41-09 College Point Blvd,

Flushing, NY 11355

1(718) 886-6966


For further questions or inquiries please contact us at: info@hisunoptoled.com